What makes Alpine Tiny Homes different than other tiny homes?

Every Alpine Tiny Home is built with you in mind. We believe that working one-on-one with each client from beginning to end, every detail, big and small, is thought of and perfected for you. From designing to delivery, framing to finish work, hours upon hours of detail and care are incorporated into a finished product that we can honestly and confidently call the best and most quality tiny home that you will love to come home to every day.

What does an Alpine Tiny Home weigh?

The weight can vary dramatically depending on size and customization and materials. Typically they will be anywhere from 10,000 pounds to 20,000 pounds. So although it depends on each specific trailer we typically don’t recommend anything less than a 3/4 ton pickup with good towing capabilities. All trailers have a 2 5/16 ball hitch. Many luxury and well made products are heavier and more substantial. However, we are experts at customizing your tiny home to incorporate those luxury and well made products while creating the lightest and most easily towable tiny home yet.

Will I need permits to build and spend time in a tiny home?

Amazingly, there are no permits necessary on your end and no taxes to park it somewhere. We will take care of all manufacturing licenses and other legalities, so that you can sit back and enjoy your tiny home. Since this is technically a travel trailer you can drive your Tiny Home down the road whenever you would like. It is as mobile and flexible as you need it to be. And for anyone that would rather keep it in one location, we have engineered our tiny homes to be stable and structurally sound whether sitting or moving.

Do I need any special permits or procedures to tow my Tiny Home?

As long as you meet road requirements you can move your house without any permits or special requirements. It must not exceed 8′ 6″ wide and 13′ 6″ high. Your trailer must have a registered tag and working brake lights and turn signals. You will be legal if you do the things mentioned above, you should also ask “Can I Safely tow it?” Many tiny homes weigh 10,000 lbs or more. You should be sure that your truck has sufficient towing capacity and is set-up to handle the weight you will be towing. We offer delivery services, and will work with you to deliver the home to your desired location.

Where can I park my Tiny Home?

Buying your own property would be the most ideal situation. However, there are other economical options: Many people rent out their driveways or backyards to people with RV’s or Tiny Homes. RV or mobile home park may offer another solution. You will want to check with your specific city, state and county to determine their codes concerning being able to “recreate year round” (live) in your tiny home. Here is a good article on finding a place to put your tiny home.

NOTE: Alpine Tiny Homes is a custom manufacturer of Tiny Homes. We are not zoning experts and we do not offer zoning advice and assume NO liability for any potential zoning issues you may encounter after purchasing one of our tiny homes.

How does the electrical system work? Will I always have to be plugged in?

There are multiple different upgradable options that can allow you to be grid tied, off grid, or anything in between. It all depends on what you want and how you plan to use your home. All of our Tiny Homes can be built to be hooked up to conventional 120v ac electrical hookup (30 amp) or 240v ac (50 amp) service, depending on your appliances. This will require a typical RV style hookup. That means you can be plugged into an external power source, or run off battery, or solar power, or a combination of all 3. It completely depends on what you want and whether it fits into your budget.

Will i need to be hooked up to a sewer system or septic tank?

In every Alpine Tiny Home we have all of the sewer needs taken care of. You have 3 options. First, we can instal an ultra high efficient toilet and you can be hooked up to a city sewer system and when you are traveling you can use a portable black water tank. Option #2 is for us to instal black and grey RV style storage tanks, that way you don’t have to be plugged into a system of any sort. Option #3 is to install a compostable toilet (that reduces waste to 10% by evaporating 90% of it) only having to empty your compostable toilet receptacle (by this point, becoming odorless, harmless bury-able waste) once every 1-3 months! We can show you the various options, their respective costs and advise you on the best system for your needs.

What are your hours of operation?

We are generally available Monday through Saturday, 9:00 am to 5:30 pm MT.

Where are you located?

Vineyard, Utah

Where can I tour one of your tiny homes?

Of course!! We have models you can view at our warehouse location in Vineyard, Utah. Please contact us to make an appointment.

What kind of Tiny Home Foundations (trailers) do you use?

We are an exclusive dealer of Trailer Made Trailers. We only recommend these trailers because they are built specifically for Tiny Homes.

How much do you sell your Tiny Homes for?

Since we do a lot of custom work, no two homes will cost the same as it depends on a variety of factors: The material choices & finishes, design changes and appliance or utility options and trailer length. Please call us for an estimate.

How tiny is a Tiny Home?

Tiny homes come in many shapes and sizes. But generally they are under 400 square feet.

Our tiny houses are a maximum of 13’6 high, bringing them well within the national bridge clearance standards.